Frequently Asked Questions

Each estate sale comes with a unique set of variables and challenges, but some questions tend to come up more often than others. We review some of the most common estate sale questions below. You may find additional questions answered on the following pages: getting started or our services.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us whenever is best for you by using our contact form or calling Mike at 352-281-1822.

Estate Sale FAQ Frequently Asked Estate Sale Questions
  1. Do I need to clean and organize the estate?
    Absolutely not. We will clean, organize, and display each item that is for sale within the home.

  2. How do I know what an item is worth?
    We will use our years of experience along with research and even outside appraisals to determine the value of all items within the home.

  3. Do you bring items from other sales?
    No, we do not combine sales or mix in items that remain from previous sales.

  4. Is there sales tax?
    We collect county sales tax as required by the law.

  5. Will you discount items?
    We do not reduce prices during the first day. We offer reduced pricing on the final day of the sale of 25%-50%.

  6. What is done with items that do not sell?
    Most items will sell, but there will nearly always be a few remaining items. These items always belong to you and we will provide you with some options at the end of the sale. Consignment, eBay, and donations are common choices.